Marine Hydraulics

Marine Hydraulics
This course is intended for marine engine officers and electrical officers. It is designed to provide basic understanding of the design and principles of Hydraulic applications used in maritime industries
Open to 
1. all Marine Engineer / Electrical Officers on Offshore Units and onboard Merchant Vessels 
2. shore based Hydraulic Enginners, Aspirants to become Hydraulic Service Engineers.
3. Industrial people who are handling Hydraulic Equipments 

The Following Courses are conducted 
1. Marine Hydraulic Engineer Course ( Operation Level ) – 5 Days
2. Marine Hydraulic Engineer Course ( Management  Level ) – 5 Days
3. Industrial Hydraulic Engineer Course ( Operation Level ) – 5 Days
4. Industrial Hydraulic Engineer Course ( Operation Level ) – 5 Days
5. Company Specific Hydraulic Machinary Training – 5 Days
6. Hydraulic Service Engineer Course – 1 Month

Class room and Practical site Lectures by real time Hydraulic Service Engineers.
 Simulator based Training
“hands on” simulation of the laboratory activities & practical exercises using hydraulic equipment and professional 
laboratory facilities.
Practical Training On Realtime components used in Hydraulic system in various applications (Overhauling, 
Dismantling & inspecting, Replacing parts , Trouble Shooting)

1. Hydraulic Symbols
2. Hydraulic Componets
3. Simple Hydraulic Circuit Design
4. Hydraulic Circuit Trouble Findings
5. OverHauling of Components
6. Software Based Circuit Design Hydraulic and Electrical
7. Circuit Reading 
8. Fault  Tracing and Trouble Shooting
9. Tricks and Tips for Smart Engineer ( Repair Guides, Trouble shooting ,
10. Test forDiagonising and condition Monitoring   and Good Practices for Hydraulic Machinaries.
11. Onsite Job training ( Only for Hydraulic Service Engineer Course). 

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